In 2004, Linea d'ombra produced the successful L'acqua e la neve, the first DVD belonging to the new collection dedicated to its important art exhibitions. The magic of the images is accompanied by a very moderate union of poetry and music, evoking the exhibitions Gli impressionisti e la neve and Monet, la Senna, le ninfee. In 2005 Linea d'ombra published the DVD dedicated to Gauguin-Van Gogh, presenting, apart from a chapter with the usual works' three-dimensional animation, a series of short stories through which the curator, accompanied by an actor and speaking from "the inside" of the work, illustrates the masterpieces' genesis and fortune from a critical point of view.

Since 2005, in addition, Marco Goldin has conceived some theatrical representations with the aim of promoting his art exhibitions. These spectacles have brought him in the most important Italian theatres. Lontano il mondo is a unique act that was created in 2005 by Marco Goldin himself, and was interpreted by Sandro Buzzatti and Gilberto Colla, who is also the director. This spectacle gave life to the homonym DVD and to the CD L'immensa notte, which presents the music written by Paolo Troncon for this particular occasion.

In 2006 the project, under the title L'abitudine della luce, became even more ambitious, presenting a multidisciplinary spectacle under the visual direction of Fabio Massimo Iaquone, the scenography and costumes of Erminia Palmieri. Marco Goldin wrote a piece, under the title Di Corot e un cieco. Di Monet, represented by Sandro Buzzatti, Gilberto Colla and Loriano Della Rocca. The spectacle was granted the extraordinary participation of the artist Antonella Ruggiero, for whom Marco Goldin wrote 8 songs, which were inspired by the theme of the landscape and which were accompanied by the music of Roberto Colombo. The songs were played live by Arké String Project, who also wrote 5 pieces collected in the homonym CD produced by Linea d'ombra and Libera Music. In 2007, on the occasion of America! Storie di pittura dal Nuovo Mondo, Marco Goldin has entrusted Paolo Troncon, musician and director of the academy of music of the city of Vicenza, to compose original tracks collected in the CD L'ora della sera, in order to comment on the Frontier and the Civil War, which are the subjects of two multimedia galleries along the exhibition path. For the same show the homonym DVD with three distinct contents: a rich introduction to the exhibition by the curator Marco Goldin, who tells the genesis and illustrates the topics, the protagonists and the sections.

The suggestive video by Masha Starec e Alessandro Trettenero with the 3D animation of a nourishing selection of the masterpieces on show. Real true poetry enriched of an effective musical comment and of the reading of five poems written by Marco Goldin.
The extraordinary historical video of the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show edited with images of the period and a comment text that sets the mythical character. This DVD has been awarded as "Best Photography" at the 2008 edition of Brixenart Film Festival in Bressanone (Italy).

At the end of 2010 Linea d'ombra produced the DVD Mediterraneo da Courbet a Monet a Matisse: Marco Goldin racconta la mostra, containing a live recording of a performance which took place at the superb Salone del Maggior Consiglio of Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. Here, the curator of the exhibition, together with an actor and two musicians, performed one of the stories he wrote about Painting, which in the last years successfully took him to some of the major Italian theatres.
In 2011 a new DVD was published under the title Van Gogh e il viaggio di Gauguin: here Marco Goldin describes the exhibition, a live recording of a theatre piece , written by himself, with the cooperation of three actors, three musicians and a whole string orchestra, which toured in the most important Italian theatre for the promotion of the exhibition in Genoa. This DVD will be enriched, later, with new contributions, extracts from the show recorded in Genoa at the Palazzo Ducale on the 12th November 2011, in which the performance developed with poetry readings accompanied by music.

A new DVD was produced in September 2012 which includes, together with other contributions, the complete recording of the presentation of the exhibition Raffaello verso Picasso. Storie di sguardi, volti e figure by Marco Goldin, which welcomed an audience of 1.300 people. A real show with the interpretation of two actors (Gilberto Colla e Loriano Della Rocca) of “Cantata per i tuoi occhi” (Song for your eyes), unreleased lyric written by Marco Goldin with music for the refrains by Paolo Troncon, performed lived by an ensemble of six musicians with the extraordinary voice of Tosca, the noteworthy Italian singer.

In September 2013 a DVD was produced of Verso Monet - Marco Goldin Narrates the Exhibition”, a complete recording of the presentation-show staged to a full house at the Teatro Filarmonico, Verona on 8 May 2013. In two and a half hours of uninterrupted presentation, Marco Goldin analyzed and explored the themes and leading players in the over one hundred works in the five sections of the exhibition installed first in the Palazzo della Gran Guardia, Verona (26/10/2013-09/02/2014) and then in the Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza (22/02-04/05/2014).The narrative was introduced by a theatrical prelude in which Gilberto Colla read Di un amore ("Of a love"), a text specially written for the occasion by Marco Goldin and published at the beginning of the exhibition catalogue. During the reading, and at five other times in the evening, Mauro Martello (flute), Renzo Ruggieri (accordion), and Piero Salvatori (cello) played their own original ad hoc compositions. Gilberto Colla provided a counterpoint to the exhibition curator’s narrative with readings of excerpts from the writings of Caspar David Friedrich, Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh.As a special contribution, the DVD also includes a further thirty minutes of film, recorded at the Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza on 8 November 2012, in which Gilberto Colla reads a short story written by Marco Goldin as a homage to Christina Olson, the real-life muse of the American painter Andrew Wyeth.

In 2014 the DVD La ragazza con l’orecchino di perla (“Girl with a Pearl Earring”) was released. Recorded at the Teatro Comunale, Bologna on 19 and 20 January 2014, it is the film of a show conceived, written and directed by Marco Goldin, with special guest musician Franco Battiato, who composed and performed the music on stage with Alice and Francesca Michielin.The DVD begins with Marco Goldin’s narrative of the exhibition and its paintings and continues with a one-act play, also written by Goldin with music by Franco Battiato, to illustrate not so much Vermeer’s life as the feelings that led him to paint the Girl with a Pearl Earring.The play consists of four scenes – from Scheveningen beach to Vermeer’s studio at Delft – linked together by a musical motif. In a kind of afterlife world, Giulio Brogi plays the part of Vermeer. The other actors involved are Gilberto Colla, Loriano Della Rocca and Fiorenzo Fiorito in the roles of people encountered in the street, church and marketplace, respectively. Goldin also conceived and staged a kind of dialogue with self by the protagonist of the painting at two different times in her life in the form of an interweaving of songs sung by Alice, a consummate performer of timeless classics with an amazing voice, and Francesca Michielin.The conversation or sung dialogue had various settings, suspended in time and space, to the background of seventeenth-century Holland. The scenes were enhanced by ingenious evocative videos created by Fabio Massimo Iaquone with the collaboration of Luca Attilii, while Erminia Palmieri designed the sets and costumes with Filipa Romeu as light designer.The whole show was built round the splendid music by Franco Battiato, who for the occasion revised the original composition of the opera Telesio, which had only ever been staged once, in 2011. He adapted the work for this show together with composer Carlo Boccadoro, who played the piano and coordinated the musical ensemble.Franco Battiato not only composed the music but also took to the stage to perform two songs with Alice. First Nel mercato di Delft (“At the Delft Market”) and then Insieme nel mondo (“Together in the World"), with which Marco Goldin ended his narrative and closed the show. In this case the musicians were Carlo Boccadoro (piano), Angelo Privitera (keyboard and programming) and "The Modern String Quartet", made up of Cesare Carretta (first violin), Aldo Capicchioni (second violin), Aldo Zangheri (viola) and Enrico Guerzoni (cello); the sound engineering was by Pino Pischetola.The show was produced in collaboration with International Music and Arts.