Van Gogh. I colori della vita

Padua, Centro San Gaetano
10 October 2020 - 11 April 2021

Franco Sarnari
The nights of fate

And in the end comes the sky. It could not be otherwise. The place where everything happened for Van Gogh. The place of every possible fate. The sky was to Van Gogh almost the supreme meaning of life. There is a painter I love infinitely, I infinitely love the man in him. His name is Franco Sarnari and he has a long story behind him: important exhibitions everywhere, from the Biennale to many countries around the world. I did not love him immediately, but a little at a time and then there was an adventure together that brought books and exhibitions. He has for some time suspended his painting practice, but I still thought he should be here. He, a painter of black skies and very white stars. Also with Giuseppe Puglisi and Piero Zuccaro, who are friends of Franco and had him as a teacher at the Academy in Catania. My tribute to Franco Sarnari is the exhibition of four wonderful Backlights produced in 2005 and a big picture painted in 2014, the Geometries of the sky.

In these works the horizon is closed and everything by now is a weft of mystery. A small fire turned to still smouldering ash remains, an ember not yet out in the thick of the night. Because these paintings cling precisely to nocturnal charm, in their darkness and their flashing of very distant light. They are among the finest pictures the artist has ever painted, like a decisive step towards the depths of time. To connect to this dimension of time, he used space as the last, definitive shred of a celestial shroud. He boldly followed its erased paths, letting an iridescent stardust manifest itself over all. A glimmer, a flow held loosely in gaps, slits, sinuous recesses. From which everything originates. What remains, the only image that the painting mirrors, is a very dark starry sky, where every light is depth reaching the surface. And shrouds. Just as Van Gogh did.

exhibition curated by
Marco Goldin

Padua, Centro San Gaetano
27 February - 11 April 2021